Offerings & Services


FSG represents one client: The Advisor, the RIA or the Small to Mid-sized BD. Our Fiduciary- based model creates a completely open architecture where all opportunities and possibilities are on the table. Using a 4-D approach including a thoughtful and thorough process of "Discovery, Due Diligence, Discussion, and Discernment," FSG works closely with our clients to design a customized plan to help them achieve their goals. We have several tiers of offerings and engagements to meet the sophisticated needs of today’s Wealth Advisors, RIAs and Small to Mid-Sized BDs. During our initial consultation, we will help you select the most appropriate offering to achieve your goals:


Partner Placement Offering

Our Partner Placement Offering helps Advisors identify, select and negotiate a transition to a ‘like firm’ with an equivalent or better platform. These Advisors seek a model and environment that is familiar, yet satisfies the needs of and is in the best interest of their clients and practice. This process is similar to the standard recruiting model Advisors have used through Headhunters with one major difference: FSG represents the Advisor, and therefore we can engage any appropriate firm on behalf of our client without any contractual constraints.

Special Advisory Offering

Our Special Advisory Offering includes helping Advisors, or the companies they own, design and execute a plan to accelerate the organic or inorganic growth of their practice or company. This includes assisting in the creation of pitchbooks, value props and other actionable activities to help our clients differentiate their offering through a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy.

Comprehensive Solutions Offering

Our Comprehensive Solutions Offering provides advice, solutions and customized plans to help Advisors launch their own companies. This includes business plans, operating agreements, corporate structure, capital structure, external partner procurement and negotiations, as well as the selection and discounted pricing of custodial services.

Mergers & Acquisitions Offering

Our M&A Offering engages and represents our clients in the M&A process. Our representation may include the acquisition of other firms or teams of advisors under the direction of and for the benefit of our client. Our clients might use our engagement to design strategies to maximize the value of a partial or full sale of their business. Throughout our M&A process, FSG will offer and integrate succession planning strategies to help our clients compliment their desired transaction.